Void logo design

This logo design concept uses vector shapes, masking with an urban photograph and texture composite to create a space within a space – to reveal a world within the word.

Pylon Studio logo design

A logo design concept for a design studio comprising of soft pastel colours and a simple abstract geometric form.

Property Management Company Logo Design

Logo design for an independent Moroccan property management company, Paramount Morocco. The local geography, specifically the Atlas mountains were incorporated in to the design to enforce the sense of place and to emphasise the local knowledge the property management company possesses. The final logo design: The logo colour palette reflects the traditional and familiar tastes […]

Emma Method logo design

Emma Method is a brand that produces surface pattern design inspired by geometric shapes and bold use of sophisticated palettes. Using the letter shapes ‘E’ and ‘M’ to form a geometric pattern, a simple, minimal logo design has been created. A lightweight, monochrome motif with clean lines was the best fit as it offsets the […]

Plokimju Art logo design

A logo design for a King’s Lynn based freelance artist who specialises in chinagraph illustrations of people, animals and landscapes. He has a preference for black & white art to reveal what’s really underneath – ‘the true emotion of the moment’. The unique qualities of his artistic language are reflected in this greyscale typographic word […]

High Voltage Pole pole fitness studio logo design

A logo design for a new business – an independent pole fitness class that provides high energy fitness sessions. The severe, bold, grungy logo fits in with the company’s tone and tag line; ‘pole fitness that rocks’. This logo has been used for their branding on social media profile pictures and has been applied to […]