Small Cures Poetry Book Cover Design Formatting

I worked with @dellathepoet on the cover for her first collection of poems ‘Small Cures’, formatting it for Amazon’s KDP and IngramSpark self-publishing platforms. You can read more about Della and her work here:

the black path illustrated book cover design

A black and white illustrated fiction book cover design for a horror / thriller story. This is a stark, minimal design that would suit a self-published crime and thriller writer looking to publish traditionally in print, or electronically online as an ebook through Amazon KDP. It’s presented in a custom-made photoshop book cover design mockup […]

Next Girl Thriller Book Cover and Podcast Design

He was a charming, brilliant doctor. They fell in love. Then his mask slipped and the nightmare began… For this book cover design, the client decided on a drastic change of direction (and title!) part way through the project, but with regular dialogue and a good relationship, we produced a cover that we were all […]

True Crime Book Cover Design – Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

A True Crime book cover design concept for a book that documents an horrific crime that took place in Indiana. The bodies of Abigail Williams and Liberty German were found in February, 2017 in the town of Delphi. The details of the case have been carefully documented by Nic Edwards. The cover design uses stock photography […]

bike chain non-fiction book cover design

A digital illustration of a bicycle chain was created and used for this non-fiction reference bicycle repair minimal book cover design concept. The simplicity of the book cover is intended to reflect the idea that this repair and maintenance guide is not too technical and is aimed at beginners and people unfamiliar with bicycle maintenance.

‘Femdetta’ – image composite book cover design for self published fiction

This book cover design was based on the author’s brief. She described the elements and the design was produced as a composite of stock images and custom digital elements. This design sits in contrast to the more minimal book cover designs in my portfolio, but suits the genre of self-published crime fiction thrillers. It is […]

Zero Tolerance hand lettering

Sketching out the hand lettering I started with a pencil and paper to sketch out the lettering. I did more iterations than shown below, but you could go on an on. In each variation there were elements I was happy with. Turning the hand lettering in to vector artwork I used these pencil sketches as […]

WordPress Website Performance Improvements

I was asked to look at improving the Google PageSpeed Insights score of WordPress Website, and in turn, improve its overall performance with regards to load times. The client understood the score ratings and that there was room for improvement, but did not know how to implement the suggestions made by PageSpeed insights. Page Speed Insights […]