Motion design, video and animation work

Animated promo for new artwork of local landmarks
Terminally Online T-Shirt design promo
Animated version of a t-shirt design (Using Rive app)
Animated preview for a t-shirt design
Print and T-Shirt design animated for social media during a heat-wave
Flickering text animation simulating retro arcade displays
Video promo for a t-shirt design
Top-down video preview promo for a photobook
Stop-motion teaser promo video for a photobook
‘still shipping out’ – Social media short to reassure and show how products are still being sent out during the pandemic lockdown
Stylised teaser promo for ‘Straingers’ photobook
Cinemagraph video composite involving real-time footage and long exposures
Logo concept animated using SVGs and CSS
Motivational stop-motion typographic short for social media