Next Girl Thriller Book Cover and Podcast Design

He was a charming, brilliant doctor. They fell in love. Then his mask slipped and the nightmare began…

For this book cover design, the client decided on a drastic change of direction (and title!) part way through the project, but with regular dialogue and a good relationship, we produced a cover that we were all happy with.

from this design, for the initial brief… …to the final design

Non-destructive Photoshop editing techniques were used to allow us to be flexible and responsive with the design – changes could be made to elements without having to be reworked from the beginning.

The design is a composite of several photographs, adjusted to create an atmosphere that reflects the story’s.

Rob is a badass. Created an awesome cover for us based on our specifications. Then, when we backtracked and wanted to take the cover in a different direction, created an entirely new style and theme for it that fulfilled our expectations. He goes above and beyond, and does amazing work!!

Frank Ralph

Next Girl is set for release as a Podcast, initially, followed by an Ebook.